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General Election

Yesterday, we received our Voter’s Pamphlet.  I encourage you to read the blurbs of all the candidates.  If you are 18, please vote.  If you aren’t registered to vote, it’s too late to vote in the general election November 7, 2006, but you can still register and then you will be able to vote in the next election!  It’s very important.  Remember, is voting a right or privilege?  Think about it.

26th District people:

I highly encourage you to vote for Ron Boehme, Becky Krantz, and Jim Hines.  For those of you who have received my e-mails, don’t think I have changed my mind and don’t support Trent and Louis.  They did not make it through the primary, and even though I’m disappointed about it, God had something else in plan for the State of Washington.  So, now I give my support to the Republicans who did make it.  Even though I think the other candidates (Trent and Louis) would have been better for the job, I need to still support the candidates who beat them and made it.  I can’t not emphasize how important this election will be.  We are in need of Republicans in the Senate and House and this could be our only chance!  To top it off, we have some really good Republican candidates running.  So, please vote for Ron Boehme, Becky Krantz and Jim Hines. Boehme (www.ronboehme.com) is running for House of Representatives against Democrat Larry Seaquist (www.electlarryseaquist.com).  Beckie Krantz (www.beckiekrantz.com) is running for House of Representatives against Democrat Patricia Lantz (www.votepatlantz.com).  Jim Hines (www.hinesforsenate.com) is running for Senate against Dereck Kilmer(www.derekkilmer.com).

I live in the 35th District:

This will sound very odd and strange, but I highly advise you to vote for Democrat Tim Sheldon (www.senatortimesheldon.com), running for Senate. He’s the best “Republican” Democrat, and is definitely the person of experience you want in our district.  My mom researched him and his opponents and said in an e-mail, “you might consider voting as a Democrat for the express reason of supporting Tim Sheldon for the WA state senate.  Of the candidates (R) or (D), he seems to be the best choice.  The Democratic party is distancing itself from him because he does not vote by party lines.  He voted against the certification of the 2004 recount that placed Christine Gregoire in office.  He also voted against (this year as well as last year) HB 1515 that gave discrimination status for sexual preference individuals. ”   He’s running against Mark Shattuck.  My mom wrote in an e-mail, “There is virtually no Internet information on Mark Shattuck, except what may be found (from the not-too-distant past) in the Washington State court records, that is not too complimentary.  Granted, he may have learned from his previous mistakes… Shattuck did serve on the Tumwater City Council, but not much info is Internet available.”

For the House of Representatives, I have not researched Kathy Haigh (D) (no website) running against Marco Brown (R) (www.voteformarco.com) or William ‘IKE’ Eickmeyer (D) (www.ike-35th.com) running against Randy Neatherlin (R) (www.ChooseRandy.com). I do know that Neatherlin is a 3rd Degree Mason, but I haven’t research enough on these two races to update you or say who to vote for.  I would lean toward the Republicans… becasue they’re Republicans.

For Ya’ll in Washinton State:

I encourage you to vote for Mike McGavick (R) (www.mikemcgavick.com).  He is running for Untied States Senator in Washington D.C. against Maria Cantwell (www.cantwell.com)  who I pray, sorry to be harsh, that she will NOT represent us in Washington D.C.

Supreme Court IMPORTANT!!!!!!  For everyone in Washington:

Stephen Johnson (www.johnsonforsupremecourt.com) is running against Susan Owens (www.justicesusanowens.com).   Please vote for Stephen Johnson. Susan Owens voted to change the definition of marriage!  We need supreme court people who will uphold our beliefs and Johnson is the better candidate in my eyes.

To everyone’s disappointment, John Groen and Jeanette Burrage didn’t make it, so Gerry L. Alexander (bad voting record for Christian Conservative beliefs) is unopposed and Tom Chambers (voted to change definition of marriage) is unopposed as well for the supreme court.


Vote YES on initiative 933 about Property Rights (www.propertyfairness.com).  I analyzed this at the Young Repbulican’s meeting, it is good, it’s about Eminent Domain and, “this measure would require compensation when government regulation damages the use or value of private property, would forbid regulations that prohibit existing legal uses of private property, and would provide exceptions or payments.” This excerpt was from the Voter’s Pamphlet.

Initiative 920 about the Death Tax (www.YESON920.com) .  This is good too.  VOTE YES.  The government wants to tax what you own once you and your spouse (if you’re married) die.  It takes almost half!  The  government is taxing us so much already, why do they have to take away most of what that person had worked for all their life?  Just a thought.


Sorry for throwing all this information at you, so if you don’t have a lot of time, just look at the bolded words.  I will update you as the election gets closer if I hear anything worthy to type.

Thanks for reading this,


P.S. If you want current Christian political updates I highly recommend Faith and Freedom Network (www.faithandfreedom.us).  Gary Randall is the Blogger and you can be on his e-mail list that will automatically send his blog posts to you.  They are very good and that’s were I get my political spice and keep me on top of political happenings for the day.


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