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Wow! 2007 already!  I was just getting used to writing 2006…

I just came back from my vacation in Idaho, and I’m already in the midst of politics.

There is a State Political Class called TeenPact.  It is a Christian Organization, and has greatly impacted not only my life, but led me to become more involved in politics.  I didn’t really understand or care about politics, I only whined about it.  But, after I attended this class (and have attended it every year ever since), I became more involved, interested, and informed about the government.  I highly recommend this class, and to learn more about it, visit their website at www.teenpact.com.  The pre-homework is a little intimidating, but it is worth it!  TeenPact has a high standard for it’s students, and they require a lot, but, not a minute is wasted, and every minute is worth it.

For first timers and returning students, it’s great.  For the returning students, it’s not the same as their first year, there is different pre-homework and different events, so it is still interesting and educational to keep attending every year. 

We need to support such a great organization, and they could use all the money they can get to continue this great, life changing, students to statesmen political class.

This year’s TeenPact 4-day class is from April 16-19, 2007 (ages 13-19).  There is a one-day class on April 20, 2007 (ages 8-12) and also a public speaking class on April 20 as well (ages 13-19).


January 2, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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