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Vote NO on Kitsap Transit

For Kitsap County People and their ballot on the Kitsap Transit:



Reasons why:

*   Will raise your sales tax by 3 cents for every nonfood purchased item (of 10 dollars… I don’t understand this part so don’t quote me)


*   Will make you pay commuting people on foot ferries (unless you are a commuter… I’m not)


*   Will increase foot ferry fees by $1.00 until they are fully funded


If I’m miss informed and you know something I don’t, PLEASE E-MAIL ME!  I like to be fully informed about things.

To read more about this, go to the Kitsap Transit’s website Question and Answer file: http://www.kitsaptransit.org/Board/2007ballotbrochure.pdf

These are my thoughts:

WE DON’T NEED MORE TAXES!  VOTE NO!  I’m fine with just taking the vehicle and passenger ferries.  Although foot ferries are fast and nice, it’s not worth it to raise our sales tax 3 cents (although it sounds small, it adds up after a while), and also, if this passes, then the foot ferry fares are going to be a dollar higher there and back until they are fully funded.  Plus, I don’t go on ferries very much, so why should I be taxed to fund a ferry I’m not going to use?  I’ve been on ONE foot ferry in my life.  If this is passed, what will be next?  Taxes to fund busses?  If anything, we should be striving to decrease taxes and that the revenue that is brought in from taxes is being used for what it was meant for.  Schools, public stuff, libraries, etc.

I like to be fully informed about issues like this for my blog, so, please tell me if I don’t fully understand what this foot ferry thing on the ballot is going to do.  Am I miss informed about the 3 cents more and $1.00 more on the fares for the foot ferry?


January 23, 2007 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Here is a comment under “contact us” that I thought applied to this post. ~Betsy

    “I also voted NO on the PO boats issue . Just an example of the ill thought out plan , passengers only pay now going westbound on the state funded system .. WSF did away with passenger sellers going East as a labor cost saving tactic . Charging the round trip on one side .

    Many people who used the PO boats last time admit to going free free on the slower State boats , and paying coming back on the faster PO boats . Basically ripping off both systems .. The PO boats will not stop people from driving around , they will take some passengers from the commute times from the state boats though .. Thus we are just subsidizing two methods at each others costs / If WSF fails to recover 80 percent recovery , those commuters will get a pay hike . The majority of state commuters now can not afford the faster PO boats , the higher pr4ices is the number one complaint of commuters , not speed .. Speed is a luxury in my opinion . Understand it , I commute myself .
    I could not afford the PO boats , I waste my money on my family providing food , shelter and I pay my taxes . The tax is basically hurting the ones who can not afford the faster boat to begin with , not to mention the tax payers , that is all of us , that are already paying for the state system .

    If it was private I would say go for it ,”

    Comment by Mick Sheldon | January 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for commenting Mick Sheldon. I agree, speed is a luxury. Why have everyone pay so people can go on faster foot ferries (passenger-only ferries)? Couldn’t they just get up a little earlier, go on the vehicle and passengers ferry, and save us all some money?

    Comment by Betsy | January 30, 2007 | Reply

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