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SB 5336 Hearing results

Here is the update from the Faith and Freedom Network Lobbyist about the bill hearing of SB 5336 on domestic partner marriage. (http://www.faithandfreedom.us/weblog/wa_lobby/blogger.html)  

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SB 5336 Domestic Partnership Bill should be called the Discriminating Partnership Bill 


“SB 5336 grants benefits commonly associated with marriage to same sex partners and unmarried heterosexual couples where at least one partner is over the age of 62.

The committee hearing-room was packed with an overflow audience in another room for large screen viewing. The testimony was broken into a panel of 8. Four people spoke in favor and four spoke against SB 5336.

The proponents of SB 5336 were four middle-aged lesbian women who have all experienced problems in life due to a non-legal standing associated with their choice not to be married. All of the four proponents recognized that all of these domestic benefits are already available to them, but they have to pay more money than a married heterosexual couple to obtain legal contracts.

As for the opponents of the bill, four individuals spoke about the discrimination aspects of this bill. Our side was able to explain that by only limiting benefits to two groups of people, the bill discriminates against other relationships. This bill should also include siblings, a daughter taking care of her ailing mother and so forth. They also made the argument that the bill would most undoubtedly be challenged in court for discrimination of non-married heterosexual couples under the age 62.

After the two panels, individual testimonies were taken. A representative from the Washington Bar Association gave a testimony in favor of SB 5336. He was asked by Sen. Don Benton what the difference is between the benefits of marriage and those given in domestic partnerships. He replied: ‘I don’t know, but I would say the only difference is a political and emotional benefit.’ Rep. Murray, the bill’s sponsor, also testified and agreed that the only difference between domestic partnerships and marriage was emotional and political.

As I sat and watched the faces of the supporters of SB 5336 standing around the room, I could tell we had called them out on their discrimination game. They expected our side to come in and use the same argument of incremental-ism. But truth has been revealed: this is a discriminating bill which is poorly written and, in our opinion, will not stand in a court of law. For this they had no answer.

A liberal State Representative was overheard in the hallway saying, ‘This most certainly changes the debate.’”


January 26, 2007 - Posted by | Political Updates


  1. That is really encouraging. Thanks for the update.

    Comment by Jahothanan | January 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. “As I sat and watched the faces of the supporters of SB 5336 standing around the room, I could tell we had called them out on their discrimination game.”

    I can’t seem to find who “I” is . . . is this a representative?


    Comment by Lampie | February 1, 2007 | Reply

  3. “I” is the Faith and Freedom Network lobbyist who was at the hearing, and then wrote what I pasted above.

    Comment by Betsy | February 1, 2007 | Reply

  4. Oh, thanks for explaining!

    It’s so sad that America thinks that everyone should enjoy the same rights and privileges, regardless of things like gay marriage. Even more sad is the fact that there is probably nothing holding them back from repeating this episode . . . this time probably with a stronger case.


    Comment by Lampie | February 1, 2007 | Reply

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