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Special March 13 Kitsap County Election

We just received our special Kitsap County (State of Washington) March 13 election on the new hightschool in the mail this week. 

 I don’t know very much info on this right now (will research soon and update… hopefully) 

What are your views, thoughts, opinions, etc. on this new highschool being voted on?

One thought, the current Kitsap highschool is very crowded and because more people are moving to the Kitsap Peninsula, we really need another highschool…. but then, why do they have to tax us to build it, why can’t they use a different method to raise money (car washes… just kidding)? hmmmm… taxing isn’t the only way to get things done…

 If you know more info on this, please comment!!!  This will have to be up to you, I am sort of on the fence until I research into this.  We need a new highschool, but I’m not happy about raising the property tax for it!

Ballot reads:

Proposition No. 1
School and Construction and Facility
and Technology Improvements
General Obligation Bonds
The Board of Directors of South
Kitsap School District No. 402,
adopted Resolution No. 1007,
concerning a proposition to finance
capital improvements to its
facilities.  This proposition
authorizes the District to build a
second high school, replace South
Colby Elementary, improve
technology, electrical, heating and
cooling systems and roofs District-
wide, improve District physical
education facilities and pay for
other capital improvements; issue
general obligation bonds maturing
within 25 years not to exceed
$163,200,000; and levy annual
excess property tax levies to pay
such bonds, as provided in
Resolution No. 1007
.  Should this
proposition be:



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