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I’m Back


I just came back from a week in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday.  I was attending the TeenPact National Convention (http://teenpact.com/alumni/program.php?p=9).  It was amazing and a life changing experience.  I met a lot of new, awesome friends, and learned much from the guest speakers there who spoke on leadership, prayer, media, etc.


The cell phone while driving bill passed. 

  • So, it’s a second offense now.  Police officers can’t pull you over if you’re talking on a cell phone, but they can pull you over for something else (speeding, expired tabs, headlight out, etc.) and then they’ll nail you for talking on your cell phone. 
  • More frequently now, I’m seeing a lot of people with Bluetooths© or technology like that.

Lobbyist Disclosure Act did not pass, and was killed in committee.

  • So, for now, the freedoms for lobbyists and grass root systems are safe, but there are other dangerous bills like it out there or will be. (not to be negative or anything, but we need to face the facts sometimes!)

I’ll keep you posted with other political things when I come across them.  It’s died down quite a lot since the WA legislature has disolved for the year.


June 5, 2007 - Posted by | Political Updates

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  1. I just told my parents about the cell phone law . . . that is a good one. Hopefully it will prevent a lot of accidents. 🙂


    Comment by Amy | July 27, 2007 | Reply

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