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2007 General Election Recommendations


November 6, 2007 

(going off the ballot we received.  Post below if there is more that I did not include)

Ø      If you have any comments or different opinions, please comment!  I want to be fully informed, and I might have missed something in my research.

Ø      Here is KVI- Talk Radio Kirby Wibur’s recommendations: http://www.kvi.com/onair/kirby   


1. Yes Initiative 960

2. No Referendum 67

3. Yes Senate Joint Resolution 8206

4. Yes Senate Joint Resolution 8212

5. No House Joint Resolution 4204  

6. No Joint Resolution 4215

7. South Kitsap School District No. 402
            Director District 1- Patty Henderson
            Director District 2- Keith W. Garton
            Director District 5- Jay Rosapepe  

8. South Kitsap Fire and Rescue

            Commissioner Position 1- Gerald Presuss

            Commissioner Position 2- Dusty Wiley*

            Commissioner Position 5- Paul Golnick  

9. Port of Bremerton District No. 1

            Commissioner District 2

                                    Larry Stokes

                                    Mary Ann Huntington  

Text of measures: http://vote.wa.gov/Elections/Measures2007.aspx



1. Research:     For:










Why?      Yes: Because, by making it a 2/3 majority, it will make it harder to pass tax increases, and make our legislators really think before they try and pass a tax increase (which will be more difficult if I-960 is passed).   

2. Research      Against:









         Why?      Just by looking at the Endorsement list, that’s a warning in itself.  It will most likely increase insurance premiums.  Go to the approve and/or reject official websites to learn more.  

3. Research      Info with statements for and against






            Why?   As my brother would say, “Always be prepared!”  : )  

4. Research      For:






 Why?   Opens up inmate labor to 3rd parties, therefore opening up more labor opportunities.  Also, not to be mean, but our State shouldn’t be paying for inmates to chat and watch TV.  Inmates should work to reduce their burden on taxpayers by paying room and board.  


5. Research      Info and statements for and against


Why?   Bottom line, it will make it easier for our legislature to pass school levies that would increase our property taxes!  Bad, bad, bad.  We always want a majority vote for everything, never a simple majority.  Why?  Because a simple majority does not (would not) properly represent the entire state, e.g. only Seattle… : )  

6. Research      Info and statements for and against


            Why?   We shouldn’t invest higher education funds in stocks, it isn’t as stable as bonds, and it would be gambling our future


Even though the following are unattested, voting is your endorsement or approval, so, even though they will be elected, you might want the vote you cast to support whether you agree with them or not. 


7.         Henderson stated that she wants the school levy dollars to be “used for educational enhancements, not basic education” and I think she is qualified enough for this position (is president on the board). 

Garton has been the school bard director for 9 years already, has good goals, and I think he’ll do a good job.

Looking at Rosapepe’s experience, I think he’s qualified for this position.


8.         Good intentions, nothing bad popped out at me when I read Gerald Preuss statement. 

*Hmmm…Wiley didn’t even take the time to submit a candidate photo or a statement… I wonder why? Too expensive? Too busy? 

Golnick has a very impressive resume and lots of experience as a firefighter himself (I think he’s very qualified for this position).


9.         I read the voters’ pamphlet on this and was more impressed with Larry Stoke’s goals and views than Mary Ann Huntington.  Both have good intentions and sound like great people, but I like Larry’s outlook better.


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  1. I voted!

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