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Primary Election Recommendations

August 19th, 2008 Primary Elections

Here are others that I trust:

Faith and Freedom network:  http://faithandfreedom.us/2008_judicial_pick.html
KVI’s Kirby Wilbur: http://www.kvi.com/onair/kirby

Vote for:  (?= didn’t research)

  • U.S. Congress- Doug Cloud
  • Governor- Dino Rossi
  • Lieutenant Governor- Marcia McCraw (KVI Carlson’s favorite)
  • Secretay of State- Sam Reed (but…he did covered and approved of the messy 2004 Gov. election)
  • State Treasurer- Allan Martin?
  • State Auditor- Brian Sonntag (he is a Democrat, but he just does his job and doesn’t let his views get in the way)
  • Attorney General- Rob McKenna
  • Commssioner of Public Lands- Doug Sutherland
  • Superintendant of Public Schools- Randy Dorn? … just not Teresa/Terry Bergeson
  • John R. Adams?
  • 26th Rep Pos. 1- Jan Angel (has good experience and is a great lady for the job)
  • 26th Rep Pos. 2- Marlyn Jensen (would be better than Larry Seaquist)
  • 35th Rep Pos. 1- Brad Gehring (I’m not really satisfied with him or his opponent’s experience for the job… but he is a little more experienced and seems more right on with issues.)
  • 35th Rep. Pos. 2- Randy Neatherlin (out of them all, he’s the best, but do keep in mind that he is a Mason… I’m not trying to be mean, but religion is important to note.)
  • Sup. Crt. Pos. 3- Michael Bond (he’s the right guy for the job… Mary Fairhurst is pro-choice and pro same-sex marriage)
  • Sup. Crt. Pos. 4- Charles W. Johnson (currently in this position already and doing fine)
  • Crt. of Appeals Div. 2 Dis. 2 Pos. 1-Tim Ford (he’s with all the Dino Rossi, Jan Angel, Marlyn Jensen yard signs… that’s gotta mean something 🙂 )
  • NO on Initiative 1000 (no assisted suicide please!)
  • …and any other G.O.P./Republicans on the ballot. 🙂

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