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Aug. 18 Primary Election

Hey WA Voters (esp. Kitsap County),

So, many of you have received your ballots for the Aug. 18 primary and you’re probably thinking to yourself… who in the world are these people?  Well, I did some research for the one thing on my ballot (let’s not go there…) and I want to share this video with you.

It records the South Kitsap School District Candidates for Director District 3 position. It’s good and gives you a better idea about their views and what they’ll do.

After researching… I’m leaning for Christopher Lemke… any thoughts on your part? What have you found? Please tell me!  The more heads we put together the more informed our votes will be.

Vote for Christopher Lemke

  • Experienced: Held this position from 2001-2005
  • Dedicated: Went to 99% of the meetings
  • Doesn’t support all day kindergarten for everyone: Said that most kids don’t need all day kindergarten, but it can be good for those who need it (ones behind in learning or would desire it).  Also mentioned that if parents, families & grandparents provide the necessary training for the kids, they won’t need all day kindergarten. (15:17 mins on Kitsap Sun video link below)
  • Listening to discussions, he seems to be logical, reasonable, and knowledgeable.  Actually heard some common sense!
  • Has an eye on the future: will create a 5, 10, and 15 year plan if elected
  • Sounds fiscally responsible and knowledgeable

Resources for you:

Reasons why I’m not supporting others at this point:


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