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REJECT Referendum 71 (SB5688) rallies this weekend

We want you to know about some political opportunities to help the REJECT Referendum 71 campaign effort.

Go to www.protectmarriage.com for more info, reasons to REJECT, resources, and how you can help.

With so much at stake, we urge you to take action!  Don’t let this one pass by you, it’s too important of an issue.  This could have major affects on the future.   Here are some rallies and sign waving get-togethers going on this weekend:

Saturday, Oct. 17th (REJECT events)

  • R-71 Spokane Rally: 4pm- Calvary Chapel (511 W Hastings Road)- Special Guest Speakers: Rep Matt Shea, Gary Randall (Faith & Freedom Network), Larry Stickney (Protect Marriage WA campaign manager)- prerally sign waving at 2:30pm (meet in church parking lot)
  • R-71 Southcenter Mall Rally (Tukwila): Sign waving 11am-2pm on sidewalk areas around perimeter of mall
  • R-71 Gig Harbor Rally: Sign waving on Harbor Hill starting at 10am- Burnham Drive exit off HWY 16 (park in S.E. corner Target lot) Signs are provided.
  • R-71 Vancouver WA Rally: Sign waving noon until dusk- Corner of Mill Plain and Chekalov Drive- signs and literature provided.

Go here for IMPORTANT event info not included in this post.

We are dedicated to informing you of opportunities where you can be involved in your local & federal politics, so we hope you’ll be able to gain a great experience by attending one of these events.

~blog team

Background Info:
Referendum 71 has placed SB5688 (a bill passed by the legislature and sign by the governor) on the November 3rd ballot for the people to vote on.  We can either approve or reject it.  SB5688 will expand the rights of domestic partnerships (state recognized homosexual relationships) to be equivalent to that of marriage.  If approved, the only difference between the two would be in name only.  The stage will be set for homosexuals to request “marriage”. They claim this is about equal rights, but it only takes a moment to step back and realize their main goal.

S5688 does not legally institute homosexual “marriage”, but it is a crucial step in that direction and a goal the leaders of this bill have blatantly stated.  If SB5688 is approved, because of the non-discrimination act here in WA, the ramifications are very undesirable of Washingtonians.  The next step will be to legalize homosexual “marriage” and we will find ourselves losing our religious freedom of speech and in the middle of lawsuits.  If/when confronted by homosexuals, churches will be in danger of lawsuits if they “discriminate” and not perform ceremonies for them. This scenario isn’t made up, it has happened in other states and countries that have legalized homosexual “marriage”.  Schools will also have to teach that homosexual relationships are normal and acceptable.  The list goes on.  Bottom line, REJECT Referendum 71- SB5688.


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