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General Election (Nov. 3rd): Recommendations coming soon

Hey fellow WA voters,

If you haven’t already voted, I wanted to let you know that I will be posting my research & recommendations soon.


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REJECT R-71: Sign waving this Saturday (24th) all across the state

Come join us this Saturday (24th) at Burnham drive in Gig Harbor at 10am! (just off of Highway 16)

Don’t live near Gig Harbor? How about Spokane, Tacoma, Lacey, DuPont, Mukilteo, Long View, or Maple Valley? Yep, they’re waving signs this Saturday too, but have different times/places/details. Go here for more info:


We will be waving R-71 signs (on Harbor Hill) and would love to see you there. Come as you are with umbrellas and rain-gear—just in case. Signs are provided, but if you have your own, please bring them. Any of your time would be greatly appreciated! Ballots are out, people are voting, and we are promoting. REJECT Referendum 71!

Go to http://www.protectmarriage.com for more info, reasons to REJECT, resources, and how you can help. One thing you can do is make the event picture your profile picture! That really helps spread the word. Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=159838888492&ref=nf


With so much at stake, we urge you & your family to take action! Please don’t let this one pass by you, it’s too important of an issue. Of all the things on the ballot this would be the one to REJECT and inform others about.

It will have major affects on the future. Concerning one of these, a friend of mine observed, “SB-5688 [referendum 71] has the potential to affect pastors and teachers of God’s Word; it has the potential to affect a pastor/teacher’s ability to speak against sin.” She goes on to say that “what Christians are allowed to speak” is “important and relevant to daily living.”

You may be confused and thinking, “But I thought is was just about equal rights & benefits that we all would want if we were in their shoes?” Maybe for some; however, glancing back at the past record of the homosexual movement in WA politics and considering the remarks from the leading legislators for SB 5688, it is clear they are aiming for homosexual marriage, one step at a time.

The approval of R-71 would be a crucial step to further this plan. Just look around you and learn from the affects this action has had on CA, IA, and MA. And, by the way, the bill benefits homosexuals are asking for can be reached through a lot of paperwork (personally know some domestic partners)… this bill is not necessarily needed, but would only making it easier and equal to marriage. Please correct us if we’re wrong about this.

Also, remember our Non-Discrimination Act? That sure throws a wrench into the works. Although it may have been passed to truly protect homosexuals from discrimination, it has put the rest of us in a hard place, even more so if R-71 is approved and the homosexuals continues their steps towards requesting marriage (which would probably be a mere court case since R-71 sets the perfect stage for them).

Our freedom of speech, religion, and conscious will be even more in jeopardy. Let us learn from the past and the track record of similar actions in other states. Churches stripped of their 501c 3 because they refused to perform homosexual ceremonies, photographers sued & fined because they declined job opportunities for homosexual ceremonies, schools revising their curriculum to include the homosexuality as normal & accepted, etc.

We can’t control how people live their lives; the homosexual lifestyle is a choice. However, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if they just found people who would do things for them. But to sue people who have personal reservations about this issue, that’s not right. Must our freedom be weakened so homosexuals can have more freedom? Where is the equality in that?

We hope your decision will be based off of scripture.

Also, keep in mind that debate really all boils down to the question, “Is homosexuality genetic or behavioral?” Talk with counselors & x-gays, read studies, and search God’s word. We personally believe homosexuality is a behavior, and because of this, the approval of R-71 would be very undesirable. That action communicates that the state will recognize behavior and grant special rights to them so they live the way they want and still get benefits. What would stop people from asking the state to recognize and allow pedophilia, polygamy, and bestiality? This isn’t over-reacting–it’s critical thinking; something to consider.

Some questions to ask yourself: “Should the government being recognizing this? Should taxpayer money support this? Is it possible for domestic partners to receive these benefits already? What would the affects of this law be if approved? How would this affect generations to come? Is this really an equality issue? What has happened in Iowa and California after they did a similar action that we are facing right now?”

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