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Nov 3rd General Election Recommendations 2009

Hello everyone,
There’s not much on the ballot this year, but the little that is there is a big deal— especially R-71.

If you haven’t already voted, here are my recommendations:

Initiative 1033- yes
Referendum 71- REJECT (Protect traditional marriage + a lot more!)

People in 35th district:

  • District 3 Director: Christopher Lemke
  • District 1 Port Commissioner: Lynn Horton

People in 26th district: (from what I can remember that is on your ballot)

  • Bill Casper (Tacoma Port Commissioner)
  • Tim Payne (GH council)

Your state & county voter’s pamphlet are fantastic resources! If you would like to research a little on the candidates, follow their website links, see who endorses them, and read where they stand on issues.  This usually helps give you a better idea of who you’re voting for and only takes a minute or so. Your county election website is another great resource. Just google it. 😀

If you would like explanations on the recommendations, e-mail me.


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