Right or Privilege?

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About Blog

This blog was created for the purpose of informing others about the State of Washinton’s (and some federal)  political issues, events, happenings, etc. Also, to have imput on latest news I post and what YOU think about it. Please feel free comment.

The blog was named “Right or Privilege” to be a catching political name.  But, it is also something you should think about.  If you are 18 and are registered to vote (if not, I encourage you to do so), do you consider voting a right or privilege?

If you aren’t 18 yet, you can still make a difference.  So, even though you can’t vote, you can still volunteer in a campaign, waving signs for a candidate, phone call, etc.  If you are 18 and desire to be a well-informed citizen, make sure you’re registered to vote!

This blog is run by Betsy, a resident of Washington State, who is currently studying at Patrick Henry College.  It is her desire to provide citizens with helpful, informative, challenging political information. See contact page to if you would like to contact her.

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