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Letters to Betsy


 I do appreciate your sending the updates.  Admittedly, I get a lot of emails and have little time to read through them all, but I do find that occasionally a topic grabs my attention.  Even if I am not able to follow through or comment, I appreciate the resource, especially on local voting topics.    Thanks again and God bless 

Hi Betsy,

I love and appreciate your email updates.  Life is really hectic these days, so I don’t always have time to read in-depth or respond, but you help me keep in touch with what is going on, and give me the opportunity to make a difference when I probably would have been passive and ignorant otherwise.  Thank you for sifting through all that is happening in our political system with a Biblical worldview.


 I do read them, and I do enjoy them. It is interesting to see what’s going on out there.  

Dear Betsy,

 Don’t worry- these updates are not “just clutter in my inbox”! I don’t use them as much as I should perhaps, but that is just a time constraint. I appreciate hearing about important issues in today’s government so YES- please continue writing them.

 Two thumbs up, *smile* 

 Except for these well-researched and informing e-mails, I would be quite unaware of what is going on in our state.  Thank you Betsy!!! 

 I REALLY enjoy and benefit from all the work you do, please do not give up.  I especially love signing the petitions whenever they come up. The only other time I have get to view political matters is when I am getting ready to fill out my ballot. 

 It is a constant reminder of the opportunity we have to pray for our leaders, and the hard work they do every single day in representing us. 

 Thanks again Betsy!

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