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Nov 3rd General Election Recommendations 2009

Hello everyone,
There’s not much on the ballot this year, but the little that is there is a big deal— especially R-71.

If you haven’t already voted, here are my recommendations:

Initiative 1033- yes
Referendum 71- REJECT (Protect traditional marriage + a lot more!)

People in 35th district:

  • District 3 Director: Christopher Lemke
  • District 1 Port Commissioner: Lynn Horton

People in 26th district: (from what I can remember that is on your ballot)

  • Bill Casper (Tacoma Port Commissioner)
  • Tim Payne (GH council)

Your state & county voter’s pamphlet are fantastic resources! If you would like to research a little on the candidates, follow their website links, see who endorses them, and read where they stand on issues.  This usually helps give you a better idea of who you’re voting for and only takes a minute or so. Your county election website is another great resource. Just google it. 😀

If you would like explanations on the recommendations, e-mail me.


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General Election (Nov. 3rd): Recommendations coming soon

Hey fellow WA voters,

If you haven’t already voted, I wanted to let you know that I will be posting my research & recommendations soon.

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REJECT R-71: Sign waving this Saturday (24th) all across the state

Come join us this Saturday (24th) at Burnham drive in Gig Harbor at 10am! (just off of Highway 16)

Don’t live near Gig Harbor? How about Spokane, Tacoma, Lacey, DuPont, Mukilteo, Long View, or Maple Valley? Yep, they’re waving signs this Saturday too, but have different times/places/details. Go here for more info:


We will be waving R-71 signs (on Harbor Hill) and would love to see you there. Come as you are with umbrellas and rain-gear—just in case. Signs are provided, but if you have your own, please bring them. Any of your time would be greatly appreciated! Ballots are out, people are voting, and we are promoting. REJECT Referendum 71!

Go to http://www.protectmarriage.com for more info, reasons to REJECT, resources, and how you can help. One thing you can do is make the event picture your profile picture! That really helps spread the word. Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=159838888492&ref=nf


With so much at stake, we urge you & your family to take action! Please don’t let this one pass by you, it’s too important of an issue. Of all the things on the ballot this would be the one to REJECT and inform others about.

It will have major affects on the future. Concerning one of these, a friend of mine observed, “SB-5688 [referendum 71] has the potential to affect pastors and teachers of God’s Word; it has the potential to affect a pastor/teacher’s ability to speak against sin.” She goes on to say that “what Christians are allowed to speak” is “important and relevant to daily living.”

You may be confused and thinking, “But I thought is was just about equal rights & benefits that we all would want if we were in their shoes?” Maybe for some; however, glancing back at the past record of the homosexual movement in WA politics and considering the remarks from the leading legislators for SB 5688, it is clear they are aiming for homosexual marriage, one step at a time.

The approval of R-71 would be a crucial step to further this plan. Just look around you and learn from the affects this action has had on CA, IA, and MA. And, by the way, the bill benefits homosexuals are asking for can be reached through a lot of paperwork (personally know some domestic partners)… this bill is not necessarily needed, but would only making it easier and equal to marriage. Please correct us if we’re wrong about this.

Also, remember our Non-Discrimination Act? That sure throws a wrench into the works. Although it may have been passed to truly protect homosexuals from discrimination, it has put the rest of us in a hard place, even more so if R-71 is approved and the homosexuals continues their steps towards requesting marriage (which would probably be a mere court case since R-71 sets the perfect stage for them).

Our freedom of speech, religion, and conscious will be even more in jeopardy. Let us learn from the past and the track record of similar actions in other states. Churches stripped of their 501c 3 because they refused to perform homosexual ceremonies, photographers sued & fined because they declined job opportunities for homosexual ceremonies, schools revising their curriculum to include the homosexuality as normal & accepted, etc.

We can’t control how people live their lives; the homosexual lifestyle is a choice. However, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if they just found people who would do things for them. But to sue people who have personal reservations about this issue, that’s not right. Must our freedom be weakened so homosexuals can have more freedom? Where is the equality in that?

We hope your decision will be based off of scripture.

Also, keep in mind that debate really all boils down to the question, “Is homosexuality genetic or behavioral?” Talk with counselors & x-gays, read studies, and search God’s word. We personally believe homosexuality is a behavior, and because of this, the approval of R-71 would be very undesirable. That action communicates that the state will recognize behavior and grant special rights to them so they live the way they want and still get benefits. What would stop people from asking the state to recognize and allow pedophilia, polygamy, and bestiality? This isn’t over-reacting–it’s critical thinking; something to consider.

Some questions to ask yourself: “Should the government being recognizing this? Should taxpayer money support this? Is it possible for domestic partners to receive these benefits already? What would the affects of this law be if approved? How would this affect generations to come? Is this really an equality issue? What has happened in Iowa and California after they did a similar action that we are facing right now?”

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REJECT Referendum 71 (SB5688) rallies this weekend

We want you to know about some political opportunities to help the REJECT Referendum 71 campaign effort.

Go to www.protectmarriage.com for more info, reasons to REJECT, resources, and how you can help.

With so much at stake, we urge you to take action!  Don’t let this one pass by you, it’s too important of an issue.  This could have major affects on the future.   Here are some rallies and sign waving get-togethers going on this weekend:

Saturday, Oct. 17th (REJECT events)

  • R-71 Spokane Rally: 4pm- Calvary Chapel (511 W Hastings Road)- Special Guest Speakers: Rep Matt Shea, Gary Randall (Faith & Freedom Network), Larry Stickney (Protect Marriage WA campaign manager)- prerally sign waving at 2:30pm (meet in church parking lot)
  • R-71 Southcenter Mall Rally (Tukwila): Sign waving 11am-2pm on sidewalk areas around perimeter of mall
  • R-71 Gig Harbor Rally: Sign waving on Harbor Hill starting at 10am- Burnham Drive exit off HWY 16 (park in S.E. corner Target lot) Signs are provided.
  • R-71 Vancouver WA Rally: Sign waving noon until dusk- Corner of Mill Plain and Chekalov Drive- signs and literature provided.

Go here for IMPORTANT event info not included in this post.

We are dedicated to informing you of opportunities where you can be involved in your local & federal politics, so we hope you’ll be able to gain a great experience by attending one of these events.

~blog team

Background Info:
Referendum 71 has placed SB5688 (a bill passed by the legislature and sign by the governor) on the November 3rd ballot for the people to vote on.  We can either approve or reject it.  SB5688 will expand the rights of domestic partnerships (state recognized homosexual relationships) to be equivalent to that of marriage.  If approved, the only difference between the two would be in name only.  The stage will be set for homosexuals to request “marriage”. They claim this is about equal rights, but it only takes a moment to step back and realize their main goal.

S5688 does not legally institute homosexual “marriage”, but it is a crucial step in that direction and a goal the leaders of this bill have blatantly stated.  If SB5688 is approved, because of the non-discrimination act here in WA, the ramifications are very undesirable of Washingtonians.  The next step will be to legalize homosexual “marriage” and we will find ourselves losing our religious freedom of speech and in the middle of lawsuits.  If/when confronted by homosexuals, churches will be in danger of lawsuits if they “discriminate” and not perform ceremonies for them. This scenario isn’t made up, it has happened in other states and countries that have legalized homosexual “marriage”.  Schools will also have to teach that homosexual relationships are normal and acceptable.  The list goes on.  Bottom line, REJECT Referendum 71- SB5688.

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Aug. 18 Primary Election

Hey WA Voters (esp. Kitsap County),

So, many of you have received your ballots for the Aug. 18 primary and you’re probably thinking to yourself… who in the world are these people?  Well, I did some research for the one thing on my ballot (let’s not go there…) and I want to share this video with you.

It records the South Kitsap School District Candidates for Director District 3 position. It’s good and gives you a better idea about their views and what they’ll do.

After researching… I’m leaning for Christopher Lemke… any thoughts on your part? What have you found? Please tell me!  The more heads we put together the more informed our votes will be.

Vote for Christopher Lemke

  • Experienced: Held this position from 2001-2005
  • Dedicated: Went to 99% of the meetings
  • Doesn’t support all day kindergarten for everyone: Said that most kids don’t need all day kindergarten, but it can be good for those who need it (ones behind in learning or would desire it).  Also mentioned that if parents, families & grandparents provide the necessary training for the kids, they won’t need all day kindergarten. (15:17 mins on Kitsap Sun video link below)
  • Listening to discussions, he seems to be logical, reasonable, and knowledgeable.  Actually heard some common sense!
  • Has an eye on the future: will create a 5, 10, and 15 year plan if elected
  • Sounds fiscally responsible and knowledgeable

Resources for you:

Reasons why I’m not supporting others at this point:

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Special Feb. Election

For us Washingtonians who have special elections an get ballots with ONE initiative on it… here is my recommendation:

South Kitsap School District No. 402
Proposition No. 1 School Support Replacement Levy 

Vote NO

Not to sound cold hearted or sound like I don’t want to help out schools, but why throw more money into the government’s pot?

They’re already struggling to use the money they have…. do you really think this levy money is going to get to the schools?  Or do you think it’s going to disappear into the “Government funded programs money pot”?  You decide.  

Don’t just listen to me, think about it yourself….think about history and what has happened.  What was the purpose of the gas tax?  Improve our roads? I don’t know about you, but that tax has been around a year or so and I haven’t seen impressive improvements.  That’s just one example.

Where is my money going?  If you don’t know the answer to that question, then do you really want to be like, “Hey there government, here’s some more money for a good cause!”.  No!  If you don’t know where it’s going, you shouldn’t vote to give more.  Is it really going to be effective and really help schools?  If you don’t know, vote no.

Anyone done debate?  Apply what you learned.  Solvency? Inherency? Significance?  Engage your mind and see why you should vote yes or why you should vote no.  Back it up with reason and principal.

Thoughts anyone?

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Just so you know…

Hey everyone,
You’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while.  As you know, I’m really involved during the election season, and when I’m not, I’m serving in a teen ministry called TeenPact that teaches the basics of our government in a weeklong classes at state capitals across the nation.  I’ll be staffing some of these classes, so I’ll be traveling a lot in the next few months. Sorry for not being as active as I use to be.  I’ve turned more of my political focus to TeenPact, but don’t worry, I won’t completely abandon you.  One of my passions is to provide citizens with information so they can be well-informed voters, and hope to continue this through my blog.

When elections roll around, I’ll try to upload some informative and beneficial posts.  Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or thoughts, and I’ll get back to you.

The blogger 😀


Political update (although some of it is quite obvious)

  • Barrack Obama is now our current President
  • Christine Gregoire is our re-elected Governor.  
  • Go to http://www.leg.wa.gov/legislature so you can follow current bills
  • Go to http://vote.wa.gov/Elections/WEI/?ElectionID=26 to see the election results from last year.  
  • Some of you may have different legislators now, so go to http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx and find out who they are.  
  • If you have kids from ages 8-19, I’d hightly encourage you to check out http://www.teenpact.com and seriously consider having them attend the WA state class.  If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll give you more info.

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Voter Resources

Hey everyone,
With the General election approaching, I’d like to offer you some great resources to help you make well-informed votes.

http://www.fpiw.org/index.php?section=43 (voter guides for all of WA)
http://www.faithandfreedom.us/pdf/FFNEndorsements08.pdf (endorsements)
http://www.kvi.com/onair/kirby (Conservative Talk Radio Kirby Wilbur endorsements-check when election is closer)
http://www.wallbuilders.com/LIBissuesArticles.asp?id=5386 (Presidential Guide)
http://www.cc.org/voter_guides (Christian Coalitoin voter guide coming soon… you can pre-order them for distribution)
http://www.kitchentableblog.com/EF08H02.pdf (Family Research Council Presidential voter guide)
http://www.lc.org/media/9980/attachments/voter_guide_wallbuilders.pdf (Wall Builders Presidential voter guide)
http://www.wallbuilders.com/LIBissuesArticles.asp?id=94 (Huge voter resource website)

So, recheck my blog in the coming weeks.  I’ll have more recommendations from myself and others.


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NBC “In God we Trust” poll!

Hey everyone…

This just takes about 30 seconds.  NBC is taking a poll on “In God
We Trust” staying on our American currency. Please tell every
Christian you know so they can vote on this important subject. Please
do it right away, before NBC takes this off the web page.


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Primary Election Recommendations

August 19th, 2008 Primary Elections

Here are others that I trust:

Faith and Freedom network:  http://faithandfreedom.us/2008_judicial_pick.html
KVI’s Kirby Wilbur: http://www.kvi.com/onair/kirby

Vote for:  (?= didn’t research)

  • U.S. Congress- Doug Cloud
  • Governor- Dino Rossi
  • Lieutenant Governor- Marcia McCraw (KVI Carlson’s favorite)
  • Secretay of State- Sam Reed (but…he did covered and approved of the messy 2004 Gov. election)
  • State Treasurer- Allan Martin?
  • State Auditor- Brian Sonntag (he is a Democrat, but he just does his job and doesn’t let his views get in the way)
  • Attorney General- Rob McKenna
  • Commssioner of Public Lands- Doug Sutherland
  • Superintendant of Public Schools- Randy Dorn? … just not Teresa/Terry Bergeson
  • John R. Adams?
  • 26th Rep Pos. 1- Jan Angel (has good experience and is a great lady for the job)
  • 26th Rep Pos. 2- Marlyn Jensen (would be better than Larry Seaquist)
  • 35th Rep Pos. 1- Brad Gehring (I’m not really satisfied with him or his opponent’s experience for the job… but he is a little more experienced and seems more right on with issues.)
  • 35th Rep. Pos. 2- Randy Neatherlin (out of them all, he’s the best, but do keep in mind that he is a Mason… I’m not trying to be mean, but religion is important to note.)
  • Sup. Crt. Pos. 3- Michael Bond (he’s the right guy for the job… Mary Fairhurst is pro-choice and pro same-sex marriage)
  • Sup. Crt. Pos. 4- Charles W. Johnson (currently in this position already and doing fine)
  • Crt. of Appeals Div. 2 Dis. 2 Pos. 1-Tim Ford (he’s with all the Dino Rossi, Jan Angel, Marlyn Jensen yard signs… that’s gotta mean something 🙂 )
  • NO on Initiative 1000 (no assisted suicide please!)
  • …and any other G.O.P./Republicans on the ballot. 🙂

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